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Order Processing

• Shipping within the United States typically takes five to seven business days. In-stock items are shipped right away, but if an item is on back order, it may take a little longer. If an item is on back order, we will notify you of the estimated ship date via e-mail. If we are unable to fill your order within five business days, we will put in on back order and we will notify you of the estimated delivery date via e-mail. If you do not respond to the e-mail, we will assume that you would like your order to be processed and shipped when it becomes available. Please note that fabric designs and colors change frequently and may not always be available. 

• Fabric is sold by the yard and is only sold in whole yards. If more than one yard of fabric is purchased, fabric will be in continuous yards.

• If you select the wrong country that your order is shipping to, we will notify you either via phone or email. If we do not hear from you within a few days we will assume that you accept the shipping charges and your order will be updated to the correct country. This will be updated and the amount for shipping/handling fees will be corrected.

• Please note that a fabric may be on our site and not currently in stock but expected for delivery. In some cases, the fabric print is not delivered and the fabric is not available. You will be notified if this occurs


• Please do give us a call for quantity check for some items may have limited quantity. Just take note of the PRODUCT CODE and By this, we can immediately change the available quantity of a certain item and continue with your shopping!


• For your convenience of choosing the right design and volume for you, No. of Yards/Quantity can be found during item checkout.


• You can always call us or email us if you are looking for any specific fabric or design 213.622.4454